Dissidenten & Mohamed Mounir – We Don’t Shoot!

We Don't Shoot! (Live)

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Dissidenten & Mohamed Mounir live in Europe

From Alexandria to Aswan, the voice of Mohamed Mounir is as familiar to Egyptians as that of a brother or father or closest of friends. His music and lyrics are an integral part of Egypt’s soundscape, blasting day and night from countless CDselling kiosks, sidewalk cafés and automobiles.

All across the Arab world in the Arabic-speaking diaspora, millions have been listening to ‘the king’ as he is called, for nearly thirty years. Rarely has a musical artist delved so deeply for the cultural truths behind appearances, or tapped so accurately into the popular esprit. Mounir speaks to millions.

For Dissidenten, “The World” has always been their main subject. Rooted in German Krautrock, in more than three decades the band has overcome cultural boundaries, initiating countless projects and performing all over the world. Around 20 albums represent their unique work.

Mounir and Dissidenten are friends since decades. 20 years ago, Dissidentenʼs song „Telephone Arab“ became one of Mounirʼs greatest hits. Roman Bunka, Dissidenten guitarist is performing and producing for Mounir for many years. 2015 the explorers from Berlin and the King of Egypt joined together live on stage.

More than entertainment, Dissidenten and Mounir offer their audience not only heartfelt encouragement but a political statement as well- however, that doesnʼt mean anything if the music isnʼt vital, intriguing, passionate and impressionistic – all of which „We Donʼt Shoot!“ is!