Berlin 1984

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Dissidenten Live Series

Berlin 1984 – Dissidenten have just returned from their acclaimed tour of Morocco. On this accoustic document the band we hear them performing their legendary album “Sahara Elektrik” for the first time in front their home crowd in Berlin – live at the famed Ufa Fabrik.


In more than 40 years of crossing the boundaries of world beat, new classic, jazz, trance, metal, krautrock, and electronic, Berlin’s Dissidenten have won a wonderfully eclectic audience around the planet. Today, their global beats are especially relevant. With biting sound and timely political commentary, they are still pioneers of the genre. 

Over the years, some of their fans between Vancouver and Moscow, Stockholm, Casablanca and Bangalore have made live bootleg recordings of Dissidenten concerts ranging from the early ’80s to today. 

Some of these newly digitized recordings have excellent quality, others just the raw sound of the “good old” tape recorder. Nonetheless, they are all rare historical documents that allow curious music lovers to retrace the unique journey that has taken Dissidenten around the planet.

Over a span of more than 40 years, some 50 recordings have been collected to date. The first release of the “Live Series” will be in the spring of 2022.

In addition to the releases via social networks, Dissidenten hope to spark the interest of those fans who once bootlegged the band and motivate them to legally release these recordings.

This production was made possible through the GEMA grants and future program NEUSTART KULTUR by the German Federal Ministery for Culture and Media 2022.

Dissidenten – Live SeriesBERLIN ufaFabrik 1984
Flute / Sax – Friedo Josch
Bass – Uve Müllrich
Drums / Percussion – Marlon Klein
Simmons Drums – Sandrino Sandinista
Keyboards – Horst Reindell
Vocal / Percussion – Hamid Baroudi
Vocal / Percussion / Mandolincello – El Houssaine Kili
Live Mix – Gunni Heidler 

Label & Tour Manager – Friedo Josch / Exil Musik
Creative Director – Uve Müllrich
Coverart – Friedel Muders
Band Photo 1984 – Manfred Becker

Producer – Marlon Klein

Recorded – 28.10.1984
Released – 08.04.2022 by Exil Musik & Fuego